BiXian is the Chinese Ouija Board

BiXian, or the Pen Deity, is the Chinese version of the Ouija Board. Although it is called a deity, BiXian, is actually an evil spirit that resides in school campuses.

Bixian is a traditional spirit summoning technique/game in China. This summoning game is usually played by two to three people, usually with at least one male and one female. The game is played between the time of 11:00 PM to 1:00 AM and the location is usually in an abandon classroom or a classroom where someone had died in. The players would put one hand on the pen and there would be a paper under the pen. The players wil then ask if BiXian was present. If the pen moves by itself then BiXian is in the room. The player then proceeds to ask BiXian questions. To properly end the game, the players must send BiXian away. Once the game starts, no one can leave or let go of the pen. If any one leaves or lets go, everyone playing the game will be in danger. If the game is not properly ended, the players will all be haunted by the BiXian and will be killed off with a short period of time. 

This game is similar to the Ouiji Board in that a group of people would use the Ouiji Board to summon a spirit and ask the spirit a question. And if not end properly, the player will be haunted. This game, like the Ouiji Board, is very popular amount students and have many versions of it in China. This game has also very popular with the media, and have had multiple movies made regarding it. 

Originally, this technique was actually used by Taoist to ask the dead questions. However, as time passed, this technique became a game that is played by students. However, because people who play it nowadays do not believe in the consequences that this game may bring, it is seen as a game. But only when those who have tried it will know whether it is really a game or not.

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